Adobe Business Catalyst - End of Life - 26 March 2020

In a sudden and abrupt announcement, Adobe announced it would be shutting down hundreds of thousands of websites - those built on the Adobe Business Catalyst Platform, and those built with Adobe Muse.

While initially we were in shock at how suddenly this occurred, we can say that some contenders for alternative platforms are extraordinary. We will make our recommendations to you individually when we have finished our gruelling process of interviewing worthy contenders!

So watch this space!

You can also read this blog post if you are one of our existing clients, to see how this situation may in fact present as an opportunity.

In the meantime, here are some questions (& answers) which we have received in relation to this announcement.

What is the immediate impact of this decision to my website and business?

If you have no additional requirements for your website at the moment and are happy with it as is, there is no immediate impact. All functionality, critical updates and support is expected to continue for until March 26, 2021,  however we will be monitoring this closely.

If you had been thinking of adding functionality, then we can have a talk about this to see if it is worth doing on Business Catalyst for now and migrating it later, or migrating first.

There is a lot of custom functionality on my site. It is going to go away?

No your custom functionality is not going away. Every solution we find will be designed to at the very least maintain current functional needs. In many cases, the functionality will be enhanced, not simply maintained.

I just launched my site. Am I going to have to rebuild the site over?

The heavy lifting in creating your website has been done - site structure, design, content and functionality.

We are researching means for all sites to strategically plan for migrating to a new platform in a way that minimizes financial impact. The Business Catalyst community have already identified a number of migration specialists and we will be working closely with them to make this changeover as smooth as possible.

I am about to launch my site. Should I launch, or migrate my site first?

Launch. We are advising all clients to complete their website redesigns and move forward. We have three full years of life of your site (which is a lot of time in the current web design cycles) to both achieve return on investment for your site and develop a platform migration plan.

Firstly - you are losing the benefit of being online every day that you are not online.

And secondly, we only want to do one migration for your site, not many - which means we need time to research and recommend the best solution for you so we can be confident it is the right move.

Is this going to cost me extra money?

The answer to this is currently unclear.

What we can tell you today is that

a) we will be considering all options in light of minimizing the financial impact on you,

b) we will be evaluating your unique situation based on your specific business and website situation.

We will also time the migration when it makes the most financial and practical sense (eg. end of a hosting cycle).

Is there anything I need to decide on right now?

Yes. If you have not yet purchased a secure certificate (ssl) for your website, then you need to address this very soon (and definitely before June 2018).

While this issue is unrelated to the migration, if you are thinking of migrating sooner than later it is best to migrate before you install ssl, as this may save you some costs. Mention ssl to me when we discuss migration implications together.

Read more about ssl here.

I have left the section below on this page as it there to ensure that we provide you with a solution which gives you more of, not less than what you already had with Business Catalyst. You can refer back to it!

Australian Made, now owned by Adobe

Adobe Business Catalyst is a website platform known for its high security standards, and all in one online business functionality.

We have been developing websites exclusively on Adobe Business Catalyst after moving across from Wordpress & Joomla over 8 years ago, and since making the move we have not had a single instance of a website being hacked. Security and functionality upgrades are taken care of automatically by Adobe as part of the hosting service. We have not looked back for an instant.

Our clients find that the email marketing, blogging, e-commerce and customer database which comes included with their website adds huge value to their business without then having to find and pay for additional third party software to provide these important business & marketing functions.

We love how the platform allows you to start very small, but grow as your needs and businesses become more complex - all within the secure and familiar interface.

Interesting fact - Adobe Business Catalyst - was originally an Australian product and acquired by Adobe.