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Adobe Business Catalyst Shuts Down on 26 March 2021 | Be Aware But Not Alarmed

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 6 April 2018
Adobe Business Catalyst Shuts Down on 26 March 2021 | Be Aware But Not Alarmed onlineiq blog

On 26 March 2018, Adobe Business Catalyst Partners, of which I am one, were informed that the platform would be shutting down in 2 years.

What this means is that all websites hosted on Business Catalyst will need to migrate all site pages, functionality and data to another platform by 26 March 2020 Now extended to 2021.

We are not ready to recommend an alternative to BC for you just yet. Over the last week the Business Catalyst community have been 'interviewing' a range of possible suppliers, and I can tell you, we're a tough interview panel. It is likely that I won't be recommending the same solution to everyone, as peoples' needs are very diverse.

I will be writing to everyone individually over the next few weeks, to outline what I think the best way forward is for your unique business and needs. 

If you have just had your site launched, or if it is just about to be launched.

Make the most of your 2 3 years now and we have plenty of time to smoothly transition, at a time that works for everyone.

If you were wanting to add additional or complex functionality to your website, we can discuss with you whether it is better to migrate sooner than later - once our interview process of alternative platforms is complete.

If you have had a website for awhile ...

If you have a website for awhile, then your website may have an outdated design, not be mobile friendly, or it may have outdated information. This is a perfect opportunity to start considering a redesign.

Keep in mind that the average lifespan of a website is about 3 years before a refresh in design and/or infrastructure is strongly recommended. Design trends evolve, the devices on which people view sites change, user behaviour shifts, and security requirements are constantly expanding.

In short - you may have a website but if it is not evolving with the times, its effectiveness in bringing in new customers will be decreasing.

Have you been using all of the functionality which comes with your website ?

The security and stability of Business Catalyst alone made this one of the most cost effective solutions on the market.

It includes built in email, email marketing, selling online, events, customer database …. Despite all of these important business building features, some people (maybe even you) are not using these.

And that is totally your prerogative.

If you have no intention to get more involved in online marketing, then we can probably move you to a less fully featured solution.

Do you want more, not less from your website?

In contrast to the above, I have many clients who want more, and more features - in line with what they see happening online.

Event management, sales funnels, pop ups and opt ins, more e-commerce functions. All of this could be done in Business Catalyst, but increasingly it would take more and more developer time to create within the system because, Adobe have decided not to develop the platform any further.

If, like many of our clients you are ready to move into the next level of online business, you will be particularly pleased with some of the powerful options we have been researching for you.

Have more questions?

Head over to the FAQ Adobe Business Catalyst - End of Life page where I will put up the up to date questions and answer as they come in.

And of course you can arrange a time for a phone call if you'd like to talk with me direct. 

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