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SSL Update - our experience so far ...

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 4 October 2017
SSL Update - our experience so far ... onlineiq blog

Since we last communicated with you about the SSL certificate and our very strong recommendation to have this implemented on your website, we can now report how we have gone with these implementations, and can advise you of some important things you need to know.

Rumour Has It

There have been a rumours in relation to Google's implementation date of the ‘site not secure’ warnings has been pushed back to January 2018, or April 2018.

By ‘rumour’ I mean we have not heard this officially from Google since their last communication that it would occur at the beginning of October 2017. At time of writing this, the warnings have not yet appeared.

Completed Implementations

We have implemented secure SSL on a number of sites (including and this is working smoothly.

The time taken to implement varies wildly, but the main factors seem to be

  • How complex a website is
  • How long ago it was built
  • How easy it is to make DNS changes (More about that shortly. I know your eyes are glazing over, but its important. Hang in there!) 

DNS management is key to a smooth transition

This one is tricky to explain for the uninitiated. You will need to either get your head around this, or get our people to talk to your people (ie. us talk to your IT peeps)

Lets start with the fact that for SSL certificate to work with Adobe Business Catalyst, your DNS (Domain Name Server) needs to be managed internally (by Adobe Business Catalyst). DNS is a process using a server which translates your domain name (the name we read and understand), into and IP address (a computer server address - which is always a number - where your website, email and other records are kept).

This server management (DNS) can be handled by

  • The provider where you purchase your domain name from,
  • A DNS hosting company, and in our case
  • Adobe Business Catalyst - who provide this DNS service

Because of Adobe’s stringent security requirements, and the way that Business Catalyst SSL certificate has been implemented, it is essential that Adobe Business Catalyst are the DNS hosts of your domain name.

We have a number of clients who would prefer to leave their DNS management as is (outside of Adobe Business Catalyst), however it is not possible to do this if you would like your SSL certificate installed on your ABC website.

We have made this transition successfully for a number of businesses, with very little disruption.

What about our email setup?

Many clients who have email set up outside of Adobe Business Catalyst also have their email set up externally.

This does not need to change. You can continue to host your email exactly as you do now - we just need to get the exact settings your mail currently has so we can ensure we set this up in the same way when we set up the DNS.

Communication, Preparation and Timing

Depending on how your DNS is currently managed (we can tell you instantly if Adobe Business Catalyst is managing it or not), making this transition involves planning. We will let you know what needs to happen every step of the way.

If your DNS is managed outside of Adobe Business Catalyst currently, we will need to discuss a transition plan with you if you want to install the certificate.

Rather than overloading you with additional information, I invite you to make direct contact with me ( to discuss and/or plan what needs to happen next, as each website and business is slightly different in this regard.

Completed implementations

All of our completed implementations are going ‘great guns’ and have had an upgrade with Google Analytics, Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) and some other behind the scenes improvements.

Its a great time to also let us know of any little fixes or changes as it is generally quick and easy to do these when already accessing your site.

Some clients are making the decision to make other changes (eg. Where their email is hosted) at the same time, so you may want to think about this also.

So to sum it up - we will be in touch with you individually if you have requested to implement your SSL, and will let you know what is required to get it implemented for you.

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