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What you said you wanted ... April 2015 Update

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 16 April 2015
What you said you wanted ... April 2015 Update onlineiq blog

Some weeks ago, I sent out a survey to see how happy you were with your website performance, what you wanted to know more about, and what you wished to improve if you could.

The results are in

How happy are you with the amount of leads you are getting from your website?

  • 50% of you are happy with the amount of leads coming in from your website
  • 25% would like to get more leads
  • 25% of you don’t know how many leads come from your website

Does your website have the elements it needs to capture leads?

  • 25% said yes
  • 12.5% said you thought it did, but that you were not getting the results you wanted and were not sure why
  • 12.5% said no and would like to learn how to
  • 50% said no, but that it was not a priority

Does your website have a process for turning visitors in to customers?

  • 25% yes and its working
  • 12.5% no but you would like to learn more
  • 62.5% no, but its not a priority for you

What ONE thing if you could change would improve your website results?

  • Interactive content and responsive design
  • Need to convert visits to website into sales!
  • More frequent updates
  • The look and create story on completed projects
  • To understand the reporting of data is appropriate for our organisations - we have reviewed the reporting information provided by onlineiq alongside a internet monitoring company's data and there are significant differences [eg. Alexa]

One skill which you think would most improve your bottom line

  • Marketing services to target audience
  • automating some aspects of content creation
  • Conversion
  • Managing badly behaved children (I suspect I know who said this!)

Serving you better

Some people wanted to understanding analytics more - who is doing what on their website

So from this, I have drawn the following conclusions.

About 50% of you are quite happy with the results you are getting from your website.

50% feel your bottom line could be improved through -

  • a redesign and/or finding out more about the options for making your website responsive (mobile friendly)
  • looking at design and workflow to help with the lead capture and client conversion process
  • being able to understand or have the time, to add content for marketing purposes regularly

With this in mind, here are some next steps -

Making your website responsive and/or redeveloping it

  • Probably not news you want to hear, but it is not uncommon for people to completely redevelop their websites from scratch every 3-4 years. This is a good idea if the focus, branding and direction of your business has changed, but sometimes it is a change in technology (eg. the explosion of the mobile market) which forces these changes upon you sooner than you would have preferred.

Here are your options if you are considering getting a mobile friendly website -

  • start from scratch and have it re-built in a responsive way, while at the same time updating it look, feel and functionality. You may find in fact this is the cheapest option, particularly if after having your website for awhile you find there are things with it that you want to change.
  • keep the exact same look and feel, and get a quote on just making it responsive (the down side of this approach is that in some instances, just like doing a renovation on an existing home, this can be more expensive than starting from scratch - for this reason I recommend if you want to go mobile, ask for both a redevelopment quote and a start from scratch quote)
  • if you have a solid business where people find you NOT through online searches, but more through word of mouth, you may decide to wait a bit longer. I do recommend in this instance though, that you have some special analytics installed to track how many visitors to your site come from mobile devices. Talk to us about having Google Analytics installed if you don't already have this.

Lead capture and conversion workflow

Lead capture and workflow is very much a tailored plan for your own product and market segment. 

The best way to improve this is to book in an hour's consultation session so this can be developed.

If you have an existing support package with us, time from here can be used for this session.

Creating a marketing plan and online marketing strategy

Similarly to lead capture, a marketing plan needs to be customised for your business, the time and/or budget you have available and your skill level. A one on one session is the best way to discover this and make a plan which will work for you.

Other queries - if these are yours - simply email us so we can respond - eg. understanding the reporting of Business Catalyst vs other systems such as Google Analytics, Alexa etc.

So please - feel free to get in touch, book a slot or ask questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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