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Landing Page with Lead Capture

  • Totally targeted page
  • Works very well in conjunction with PPC campaigns or Facebook advertising
  • or as Placeholder page while your website is being built
  • Very clear call to action
  • Capture of prospect details
  • Auto-responder
  • Option to setting up auto-responding lead nurture series
  • A/B Split testing of layout and copy easily achieved
  • Analytics to see which campaigns most effective
  • CRM software included
  • Email marketing software included
$799.00 plus GST
If you are paying for a PPC campaign and your clicks are not converting, a targeted landing and lead capture page is a great thing to try. You can experiment with your copy and layout and perfect it until it works. Every landing page has one, and only one Call-To-Action which is the one thing you want your site visitor to do.

With a lead capture form on your landing page, you can capture all the relevant information from visitors instantly - either to follow up with an email auto-responder, to lead them onto another page or offer, or to start a lead nurture drip campaign.

This service includes a consultation where the best way to set up your page is discussed and implemented.

When you might need this...

Perfect for anyone advertising on PPC, especially if your existing site does not have an appropriate page for your keywords.

A great starter page to gauge, or capture interest in a new service or product.

A good way of capturing leads while your website is being built.
Here are some optional extras to add now or at a later time. Any questions, just ask.