Landing Pages

Landing Pages have almost as many variations as websites.

The question is - what do you need yours to be? It could be -

  • Something which captures leads (eg. an opt-in for further engagement & marketing) 
  • A sales page
  • A survey for market research
  • A qualifying form prior to getting an enquiry

Price Guide: $440 + gst

What is included

Landing Pages allow for the creation of unique, single purpose,  and stand alone pages in addition to or instead of a website.

This allows you to hone in on building your list, optimising any Google Adwords, Facebook or other advertising campaigns or activities you may have.

This product includes setup and allows the integration within the all-in-one integrated platform that Adobe Business Catalyst is. No need to purchase any other products. 

When you purchase the Landing Pages module, you also qualify for a 1/2 hour consult which will help advise you on the type of landing page you need to create, and video instruction about how to begin to set it up.

Depending on how complex the page is, we may recommend that we build your first one (for you to then replicate and edit in future).

Features: Unlimited landing pages, ability to copy pages, insert forms, download pdf's and link to email sequences you have created within your website.