We are committed to your online success

Entrusting someone to create an online presence when you may not even know all the right questions to ask, can be nerve wracking and stressful.

At onlineiq our primary goal is to make your online journey and experience one which you understand, meets your personal and business goals and one which you feel you can feel proud of.

A Holistic Online Presence Model

We have developed a unique Holistic Online Presence Model, which addresses key components of how to attract, engage, nurture and convert clients, while creating an online presence which also serves you.

Our web and marketing platform enables you to manage not just your online presence, but your all important leads and marketing workflows.

This means that with the right content and preparation, from the moment your website is launched it acts as much more than a website, but a fully functioning automated marketing machine.

Technology Focus + Business Focus

While we love technology because of what it can do, our assessment of your needs starts with understanding both your business, and to an extent your life goals.

Too often we see a request which if implemented would not meet either the business or the lifestyle goals you are seeking. This is the reason for the comprehensive discovery process we go through with you, so we can tease out what you may need to know to make the best decisions.

A well designed online presence will amplify results so we need to make sure these are things you actually want to happen.

Our process starts with a Website Strategy Consultation, followed by a Website Blueprint - so when your website is built - your online presence does exactly what it needs to do for both you and your business.

Full online business automation capability & a focus on client acquisition & satisfaction

Our website platform (Adobe Business Catalyst) is extremely powerful and robust and allows for online sales, blogging, creating membership areas, just to name a few of its many functions.

Your website platform will grow with you without you having to look for another solution.

Specifically all our websites have a customer database, and email marketing, and when required, landing pages.

We also are able to provide ongoing training about how to start using these tools (eg. how to customize your database, or create email campaigns) so these tools can be used to grow your business.

Up to date with the tech

Adobe's website business platform is kept constantly up-to-date and secure.

BC Sandpile

Just as importantly, our team keep up-to-date with online technology and marketing trends by being actively involved in a community of practice of web developers.

Urszula Richards has co-founded and runs a group of developers and web professionals (BC Sandpile) from around the world who meet weekly to learn from each other and help each other. 

This has been running over 5 years now - that is a lot of learning!

We have some great friends

At onlineiq we know what we are best at (and what we're not!).

Over many years in our industry, we have a network of very trusted and competent colleagues who we trust and recommend, and work in conjunction with if required, in complementary areas necessary for your success.