Many thanks to Urszula Richards whose coaching and advice has increased my confidence and capability in social media marketing over the past 3 months. I feel I have a more tangible business as a result and the competencies and mindset to continue to build marketing collateral. Urszula took the time to discover my strengths and weaknesses and to understand my business.

There was a logical and rational approach to each session with a focus on the forming of longer term habits in addition to completing the between session actions to execute a marketing strategy. On the advice from one session where we reviewed a quote from a developer I saved $450 in web development costs in creating my own webpage and link to an external shopping cart rather than paying my developer to build a shopping cart for me.

Urszula is very much focused on an assessment of each person’s ability to implement solutions and advises/coaches at the energy and motivation level that the client is at. Advice is tailored and there is no 'one solution fits all.'

I continue receiving coaching sessions with Urszula.

- Robert Stocks
I Coach Solutions

Ursh was recommended to me by my Business Mentor and I am so grateful for that.

In a very short amount of time, Urszula understood what I was trying to achieve, at times better than I did which is exactly what you need in a coach.

She is also incredibly grounded. Her approach is realistic and assuring. She doesn’t sell you the hype. She demystifies the mechanics and guides you each step of the way.

I had been overwhelmed with choices about what I could do next.

With great relief, Ursh helped clear away the gumpf [yes, that's really a word] and simplified the next steps for me.

- Gina Zoia
Working Conversations

We worked with Urszula to set up an on-line professional development course. She quickly assessed our needs, suggested an on-line platform and guided us in setting it up - including pointing us to additional resources.

We managed to get three courses ready within a matter of weeks which was fabulous.

- Kathryn McEwen
Working With Resiliance

I have had the most pleasurable experience of working with Urszula in two distinct and different ways.

I first worked with Urszula when she set up my new website for me, and during this process I learnt a lot about websites and what is involved in appealing to your audience, as I chose to write the content myself.

Urszula helped me learn and improve my skills while still committing to an outcome that would help grow my business.

After this experience I realised that I needed more help to market my business and wanted to increase my social media presence.

I committed to a twelve month coaching relationship and included monthly catch-up sessions with clear objectives and goals to be achieved.

I have learnt how to blog, how to send out email campaigns, how to edit my website, find, add and edit images, how to organise a Facebook blog and use marketing platforms and tools - none of which I knew anything about before I started this journey.

When Urszula says that she has “superpowers” she is absolutely correct! She has an innate sense of knowing when you are stuck or not feeling comfortable and sees you through those tough patches with her great experience and wisdom.

I have learnt so much from Urszula both in marketing but also in improving my client communication and style. I feel so much more confident than I did a year ago! I would highly recommend working with Urszula, she is fabulous.

- Katherine Hann
Katherine Hann | Alan McDonald Financial Wisdom

There is always ongoing learning when it comes to Online Marketing - it never stops! onlineiq academy is an outstanding learning portal that I am gleaning so much from and my businesses are glowing more as a result.

Urszula's facilitation style is engaging and easy to follow (step by step), catering for different learning styles (resources are available in video, written and audio) and stages in business development. Being part of an online group is also motivating to spur you on to learn more.

The activities provided by Urszula are practical, bite-sized and can be implemented straight away.

- Maree Cutler-Naroba
Business Content Writer

What a God send - an IT person who speaks my language. Urszula was great to work with. She listened carefully to my brief and designed me a website which exactly meets my needs.

She worked within budget and sold me only the bells and whistles that I need. She met deadlines and consulted me along the way. I can highly recommend her as a person who runs an ethical business with a strong customer focus.

- Bette Bradtke
Bradtke Consulting

I needed to create an on-line presence and after my initial conversation with Ursh at onlineiq I knew I was in very capable hands. By using simple to understand language to explain the different strategies I had a clear vision/understanding of what was possible.

I was amazed at how quickly the team created my web page and it was up and running in no time at all.

Ursh also explained the importance of local listings and directories to leverage the web page and allow my page to be found by potential clients.

The best outcome has been receiving enquiries as a direct result of the on-line presence that Ursh and the team have created – I would have no hesitation in recommending onlineiq.

- Catherine Dodd
Senior Aussie Mortgage Broker

Ursh is a consummate professional.

As a lawyer with very high expectations of performance, I aim to surround myself with professionals of high-calibre and professionalism. Ursh and onlineiq was introduced to me by another professional to create a first-class website. I wanted to create a website for my newly branded law firm.

From the first time I spoke with Ursh, I felt that I was in very capable hands. Over several months I asked many questions, had several meetings and every communication I had with Ursh was positive, informative and value adding. This was my first ‘start up’ and Ursh guided me expertly through the process.

I found her to be warm, friendly, patient and having a sense of humour. She worked seamlessly with 3 other professionals (labelled by me ‘My A Team’) in creating the final product from initial brand design to launch and beyond. It is always a pleasure to do business with people you like and I recommend Ursh and onlineiq highly.

I do not make recommendations lightly, but is with pleasure I make this recommendation. In my opinion the product speaks for itself.

- Graeme Kirkham

I had been daunted by the idea of building a website for a long time, but working with Urszula from onlineiq made it a much easier job than I had originally anticipated.

Urszula was always patient, kind and clear in answering my myriad of computer illiterate type questions. I have learnt so much in the process, and continue to with her ongoing support and learning. I am thrilled with the outcome! Thanks Urszula!

- Jacqueline Iles
Living Ayurveda

As a small business requiring an internet presence we did not have expertise in web design nor a large budget. We also wanted the flexibility to administer our web site.

onlineiq solved this challenge, by providing the platform to publish a professional web site at a very competitive cost together with personal training to enable us to update our site when we wanted.

On a personal note I have never had anything to do with web administration but find our site very user friendly and just love the immediacy to update information thus keeping the site current and topical. Urszula is very professional to work with and I really value the promptness of support.

- Jayne Dean
Precise Value

It was such a wonderful discovery to find that there are still human beings out there in the geek-driven world of the web.

Ursh at onlineiq managed to interpret my ramblings, and explain to me in simple terms what she could do for me, and the advantages her suggestions would have for my business. The result has worked seamlessly and suits my business 'personality' perfectly, with no gimmicks or techno-fireworks, just simple functionality.

Ursh's ongoing service has also helped plot the future path of my web presence...and she's possibly the only person on the planet who could demystify blogging for me, explaining its benefits in a matter-of-fact way.
Honestly, before I make a move on the net, I call Ursh.

- Kym Liebig

I have found Urszula from onlineiq to be highly approachable, patient and very efficient. Particularly pleased with the flexibility of the web site and the ease of use, as I'm only a little bit computer savvy.

Urszula has made herself available whenever I had yet another question and has many excellent ideas for improving traffic to the site. I also like the weekly reports. I would have no hesitation to recommend onlineiqto anybody who wants an excellent web site that is flexible enough to meet all your requirements (and some you didn't know you had!)

- Marayka
Taught and Toned

LOCKE pty ltd has had the pleasure and privilege of working with onlineiq a number of times, with a variety of clients, and every time they exceeded expectations.

Not only is onlineiq easy to work with, they are client focussed and have always provided great outcomes for our clients.

- Michael Locke

Urszula pitches her presentation material right into the sweet spot for the small business owners who are participating in the Salisbury and Modbury Digital Enterprise Program.

Her empathy and understanding of their plight as a fellow small business owner really hits the mark and we look forward to a continued relationship over the coming months of the program.

- Rhys Moult
Polaris Centre

On behalf of the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival Association I would like to thank you for your invaluable support for our recent festival.

The assurance that we had a visually inviting, user-friendly web site enabled festival planners to know that communication and marketing were on a footing that made us worthy equals with similar festivals and events.

In essence, it was a real indicator that, over time, the festival had 'come of age'.

Thank you for your professional skill and generosity in enabling this milestone to occur.

Ruth Davis, Chairperson, Leafy Sea Dragon Festival Association

- Ruth Davis
Festival Fleurieu (formerly Leafy Sea Dragon Festival)

onlineiq was extremely in depth and efficient with the upgrade of my new website. Everything was explained and walked through as the site developed.

A great tool that is available to clients are the online videos on how the do things within the site. This is very user friendly and useful as you can always go back and revisit areas you aren't sure about. The other great feature is that there is always a draft option before it goes live. Great for mistakes!

I have already recommended onlineiq to other tourism operators looking for upgrades.

- Susan Woolford
Black Jack Get-A-Way

onlineiq has taken my online sales and business positioning to a whole new level. Since onlineiq developed a fresh new website and shopping cart for Matchett Productions.

We are reaching an entirely new audience and we have the sales to prove it.onlineiq service is exceptional and over excels in providing clear, concise and creative content management and marketing innovations. I cannot recommend highly enough onlineiq to manage your website content as they are credibly honest, trustworthy and reliable.

- Vicki Matchett
Matchett Productions, Big Sissy Foods