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Does online marketing make you feel icky?

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 26 December 2016
Does online marketing make you feel icky? onlineiq blog

I have been noticing and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the language being used in marketing.

The gist of it is that clients/prospects need to be ‘captured’ into your ‘sales funnel’ where you implement some kind of ‘trip wire’ to entice them with an ‘ethical bribe’. There is something about this language which just makes me feel … icky.

On the other hand, I know there are some very tried and true strategies which work, and should be implemented as part of every business.

Change your language, change how you feel

I prefer to create a vocabulary which is more gentle and nurturing, and relationship building rather than what often sounds predatory and somehow deceptive.

Wouldn’t you prefer people came to you because they had heard great things about you than because they had been ‘captured'?

How about an approach which starts with

  • nurturing your existing clients, then
  • creating defined pathway for your new referrals
  • and finally, creating a pathway for brand new clients who know nothing about you

Not only is this the most effective approach (in terms of return on investment), but the gentleness of the language makes it like something you can actually feel proud of doing.

I think many people unconsciously reject ‘marketing' because of that icky feeling about what they are doing.

By renaming these activities, and putting them all in the context of genuine relationship building, we can feel far more aligned and motivated to ‘do marketing’. I’m seeing this new vocabulary spring up in the conscious marketing movement, and am excited about building and using this new vocabulary.

  • pathways instead of funnels
  • gifts instead of bribes
  • listening instead of research and many more which I look forward to observing and using.

That feels better already.

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