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How to 'do what works' without sacrificing 'who you are'

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 29 March 2017
How to 'do what works' without sacrificing 'who you are' onlineiq blog

Something you may experience when first learning about online marketing is a fear of 'all things marketing' and 'salesy'.

On the one hand you know you have to 'do stuff'. On the other, you don't want to feel pushy or salesy. In fact, that's not like you at all.

Think about this. What is the difference between a weed and a flower?

There isn't one.

It exists only in the context of its relationship to your specific wants, needs and tastes.

Consider that ....

1.   You buy and respond to sales all the time.  Those you positively respond to don't feel like sales to you. Why? Because someone has really connected with you, tapped into what you need, want or feel, and started some kind of genuine conversation about it.

So more than likely, you are in more than one 'sales funnel' and you don't mind one little bit!

2.  There is a skill set to selling well. These principles are important to learn, because without learning to sell, you are not going to attract all the business you want.

It has less to do with the quality of your offering (unfortunately), and more with your ability and willingness to do what works.

You cannot shirk from the difficult work of crafting your message and implementing your sales plans because of a discomfort you feel about a process. 

In fact, you owe it to your prospective customers and clients to find you!

3. The reason those offensive salesy things which 'grate' you,  your values or even your aesthetics, is because you are not interested in them. The fit is no good, and so you get repelled by the process. 

I was listening to a podcast today where a very brilliant young woman was struggling to find her authentic voice. She didn't know how to convey her message without a sense of constantly questioning whether she had 'sold out' or 'lost herself' or censored herself too much, or 'became someone else' simply because she was implementing strategic marketing techniques.

This is where the distinction needs to be made.

There is a process which absolutely works to bring in clients, and it is crucial that you learn this.

But in terms of your message - this is where you can truly be yourself - as that is what will connect genuinely with your audience.

Yes, you may 'repel' some people but these were never your people to start with.

Some time back, I was a participant in a high end mastermind group which taught sales training. It was absolutely brilliant, but guess what? I eventually unsubscribed from their marketing because the style didn't resonate with me personally. This is not a criticism of their work, but more an understanding of my own preferences.

Their business persona was high powered and scathingly intelligent -  but also quite polarising. They used this brilliantly as a strategy. It was (and still is) a great fit with their respective personalities and talents. But it started grating on me, and as much as I have a high level of respect for their work, I did not want to listen to it any more. 

Being you, and accentuating your own way of being is what will help you find your true audience.

I know for a fact that my approach, to them, would feel too 'vanilla'. I'm not someone who likes creating argument and controversy for the (strategic) sake of it, but an important part of their training has rubbed off - that I do need to be absolutely true to myself - and by doing that the right audience will hear me. 

So when you are next cringing about learning some online sales process, or creating a sales funnel (or customer pathway) distinguish between the process (which you do need to learn and implement), and the message - which is all yours to create - as you wish.


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