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Keeping it Real In the Hyped-Up Online Universe

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 18 March 2017
Keeping it Real In the Hyped-Up Online Universe onlineiq blog

I was talking to my mentor today and we were discussing some of the frustrations of the online world.

It reminded us of being back at high school, with all the popular, pretty girls getting all the attention, and being on the sidelines as one of the nerds, never feeling like we would ever really make it in the real world.

We now know of course, that we have made it just fine, but it does seem that there is an awful lot of posing, flicking of hair and sharing of lavish lifestyles which has nothing to do with offering substance and value, and in fact only serves to make others feel inadequate and unsuccessful, even if we are perfectly fine. Or is that just me?

I completely get that there is a time and place for working on things like money blocks. There are great groups and programs for this, and in those groups this kind of conversation is relevant and on topic. There are also brands which 'stand' for luxury and lifestyle - and that is all well and good. And of course you want to present in a beautiful & professional way.


I’m talking about the online social media noise which really seems to be more about showing off than providing and demonstrating value to your tribe or audience. Your posts and communications should help people connect and feel good and understood, not impressed by you and your lifestyle.

And another thing...

We talked about the hype. Products and programs being promoted as ‘anyone can do this’ if you follow my program or buy this software.

It is simply not true.

You need to have something of value, AND be able to convey this in the language that your audience understands. Both of these things are not something which come with a software program or a weekend workshop.

A piece of software will not help you understand your audience, craft a message which connects with them and engages them on a real and meaningful level. It may help deliver the message, but you need to come up with the words, the offer, and the value first, not invest in software before you can even articulate the value you are providing. Invest in understanding how you can serve.

Understanding your unique value offering and communicating takes time to create, refine and test, and is built on years of experience.

I see so many talented professionals who have in-depth knowledge, expertise and information which can help so many people, not know where to start to get online, and almost feel like they have to do a lot to compete with the popular girls/boys, when they don’t even want to ‘play that way’.

The reality is, that if you have something to offer in the world right now, you will need an online presence, and there will be things you need to do which may push your comfort levels. A little.

You don’t need to compete, because what you are offering is more than enough.

What you may need, is just a little guidance and understanding to learn the best way of starting, what is possible (you don't know what you don't know) and the confidence that you can be successful doing it your way.

If you are at that stage, I'd love to help. Get In Touch, and I promise to get right back to you.


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