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The humble survey as a client engagement tool

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 21 January 2014
The humble survey as a client engagement tool onlineiq blog

This year, as a way of really wanting to get a handle on what my clients need and want, I decided to send out a survey.

I thought I'd share what happened (and my thoughts about it) in case its something you could use yourself to engage with your customers.

1.   Your existing clients will provide you with your most valuable information.

Because your existing clients already know you they are more likely to respond to you. Having experienced your product or service, they will already know what they need help with, and how you can help them.

When you are planning marketing activities, it is far more effective to know you are answering to real questions and needs. By asking your existing clients, you will get the information you need to get started in a meaningful way.

2.   Find out what language your clients use.

I tried asking the same question using different words, and this gave me some really good information.

I suggested two topics which I thought may have been of interest ...

"how to grow your prospect list online" and

"how to optimise your website for capturing new client leads"

Essentially the topics are the same, but the words were different.

The results however were very different.  33% of respondents were interested in the first topic, 100% were interested in the second

This is a great test as it shows instantly what words your clients relate to and understand. You can then adjust your language to align with that.

3.   Surveys engage beyond just getting a response to the questions.

They may also -

  • convey that you really do care
  • remind your customers about you/your brand
  • prompt an action, for example as well as responding to the survey, many clients wrote back to say what they were wanting to update or expand on their website, and some have already made moves to get started.

4.   Share the results and continue the conversation 

Because a survey generates a response from a real person, it lets you to continue the conversation.

And of course if you are meeting the needs of your clients, you will not only get referrals from them, but the way you talk with potential clients will start to be finely tuned because you are much more conscious of the language and the needs of your prospect group overall. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions about the value in doing a survey of your existing customers...

PS. You too can contribute to this survey - tell me what you would like to hear about (or comment below if you prefer)

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