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When it matters too much to give up but navigating the path is getting exhausting

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 21 March 2019
When it matters too much to give up but navigating the path is getting exhausting onlineiq blog

If you're just a little bit weary of seductive marketing sound bites of 'its so easy, just do this', 'buy this software/do this course/read this book' you are not alone.

It's not that you don't need software, courses, books or masterminds, but very rarely, ok ... NEVER ... are they the only thing you need to achieve your goals. 

I prefer to acknowledge that the work of succeeding in your venture, whatever that is, can be difficult, complex and time consuming.

Anything of value is.

I also believe that most people benefit from some guidance in creating pathways which navigate the hard stuff.

I have seen very intelligent and motivated clients struggle and have experienced getting very stuck myself.

For example, it's not just knowing what you should be doing, but doing things in the right order. A recipe, even with all the right ingredients, will not work if you randomly start mixing all the ingredients together.

Sometimes it is not the order, but that a key ingredient is missing.

I should have found it easy.

I have run a website development business for 10 years, so I have designers and developers on hand.

I am also lucky enough to have a range of website and marketing software, and I have created and delivered training in online marketing and online business training to entrepreneurs for many years. I know my (online) stuff!

But ...

It has still taken me a very long time to feel like I know what I offer, who I want to attract, and how to attract the clients I want to work with most. This has been the missing key ingredient for me. Funnily enough - now that I have worked it out it seems completely obvious!

It has taken time, soul searching and listening in order to offer something that is truly needed, is in my absolute area of expertise and able to be articulated. And this needed to be crystal clear before I could progress with anything else.

Everyone is different, and you may have a very different stumbling block which stops you progressing or worse, makes you spend precious time and money doing the wrong things.

A holistic online presence model

Working with so many very different business owners has confirmed to me how unique each business is, and how significant personality, skill and goal variables are to the eventual outcomes. To help explain how the key factors interact with each other, I created a model which helps identify the very YOU factors central to any entrepreneur's or business owner's success.

Holistic Online Business Presence Model

Once there is the clarity, you can then move on into the execution  - which includes

  • strategy,
  • creating and communicating value, and
  • learning how to execute it visually and technically,

These still need to be deeply infused with the unique 'you' factors.

Once the YOU factors and the fundamentals are in place, you will find that you -

  • attract the people you were born to serve
  • feel confident that your your online marketing strategy will bring in just the right clients and
  • continue to serve those you already have with ease.

I would love you to stick around and join the conversation.

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