Zone of Tone

While most of our business comes as word-of-mouth referrals, Ian found us online (I love it when that happens - as it means the local google searches are working!)

Having moved back to Adelaide after many years of living in Canberra, Ian wanted to revamp his old website, and have it convey all the many things that he is up to.

He is a music teacher, instrument repairer, collector (and reseller) of vintage musical instruments and a musician involved in various events around Adelaide.

We were able to convey all 4 of these activities on the home page in a way which looked both cohesive, and very clear. Whatever your reason for arriving at the website, you could instantly find where to go.

A real standout for this website is Ian's photography of his instruments.

Zone of Tone - A Multi-Faceted Offering

Ian's multiple talents and interests are displayed side by side on his website.
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