Meet Dagmar Klingenböck

Dagmar is an internationally known Animal Communicator, who has been running Animal Communication courses and personalised readings for over 10 years.

I’ll leave the extraordinary stories of how Dagmar has helped many people and their animals for another time.

What I did want to tell you about was how having the right people in the right jobs has freed up her brainspace to work on her business.

Like many business owners, Dagmar had heard all about sales funnels and marketing automation and when she first spoke to me, she had many things she wanted to happen with her website and marketing workflows.

She already had an excellent virtual assistant working for her.

However, after assessing what Dagmar was wanting to achieve, I realised we needed to change the email marketing software she was using, so we could include some clever ways of communicating with various groups of clients, and making certain parts of her business more automated.

While Dagmar’s VA was able to implement things Dagmar asked for, the added guidance about segmentation (who to communicate with) and tagging (targeted reasons for communicating) was something Dagmar and I worked on in considerable detail, before going back to her VA to implement. 

I also needed to get my ActiveCampaign (email automation software) specialist to do the initial setup. I had learnt the hard way that setting things up requires deeper knowledge and skills, and that a specialist is money very well spent.

Once this work had been completed, we were able to give Dagmar’s VA instructions about his part of keeping the system running.

This allowed us to implement a system where clients who had readings would be automatically followed up and were given an opportunity to ask follow-up readings.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to support a healthy business, and the team needs to have various skills.

We’re continuing to work through various automations, so that the software starts working hard for her, and she can get to the work that she loves doing with the animals.

Dagmar Klingenböck

Dagmar feels much more at ease knowing that her online presence is being expertly directed for implementation by her team, and it frees her mind up for her important work with animals.

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