Introducing David Moran

I don't think I have had any client who is as committed to implementation as David.

So when it came to setting up a system for recording client details and communicating with them regularly, David took it upon himself to be diligent and methodical in this regard. Not exciting work, but business can be a combination of the ordinary and  the sublime to create something extraordinary.

Capturing client details is essential not only with new leads, but also for keeping the clients you already have. The statistics about how more profitable focusing on your existing clients versus trying to get new ones in all the time is astounding.

It costs 5 x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one !    

David Moran, together with his sister Deb and a small team of trainers delivers Mental Health First Aid Training. David is an extraordinary implementor.

Many people, after their website is launched, think the hard work is done. However David was keen to learn more about business and marketing, and I was able to show him how to use the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email marketing software as soon as his website was launched.

He understood that effective and systematic retention starts by having and using a customer relationship system, and put in a system to follow up all course attendees regularly.

We spent some time looking at how to ensure those people who had attended courses would be kept in touch with, and what to communicate with them about.

From David's perspective, he wanted to make sure that participants knew they had support and help after the course if they needed it, but also to have a way of re-connecting and re-inviting participants for their ‘refresher’ courses after that when their certification expired, and to be ‘front of mind’ for referrals to others.

He took the time to learn how to set up and schedule these follow up emails and in no time, had automated messages sent out making certain everyone was followed up.

What happened next?

What David didn't expect was how frequently these follow up emails would get a reply with stories from people about how they had already used the skills learnt to make a difference and even save lives. What wonderful feedback to receive.

Continuous improvement

This automation was already serving its purpose well, but David was keen to keep improving and became one of my very first mentoring clients when I launched the 'Marketing Genie' program in March 2019.

We discussed these follow up emails, and thought about a way of leveraging this existing workflow. We decided to include a request for a google recommendation.

Reviews are so important! They help with both google rankings AND with people trusting a business. So I set up a link so people could easily leave a review, and we then crafted the words to make it compelling to leave a review after the training.

At time of writing, where this system has been in place for about 9 months, David now has about 78 google reviews with a 4.9 star rating.This number will just keep increasing, and he does not need to do anything additional for this to happen - it is now automated.

Take a look at this screen shot below (view the ratings on the right hand side). If you type Mental Health Partners into google, you will see this number growing.

David Moran

78 Google Reviews and increasing, without David having to do any additional work, now that the system is set up.

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