Jim's Trim Mockup

As you can see from his website, Jim and his team of master craftsmen have been around since 1979 - but it was not until 2016 that Jim, with the encouragement and support of the Polaris Centre took the plunge and decided to go online.

The pride which Jim takes in his work was absolutely evident as we collaborated to produce a website which conveyed the look and feel which Jim loved - in his words - a touch of art deco, and in my words, a touch of retro.

A large part of this project (as with any project showcasing work) was gathering quality images. All the images you see in the banners of the different pages have been taken inside Jim's workshop, and convey the earthiness and beauty of the work.

Seeing the team at work make anyone contemplating having work done at Jim's Trim know exactly how the work is done.

Another part of the planning process was to work out the different client groups he was providing services for - so we divided the site into Car Trim, Marine Trim and Industrial Projects. I also learnt that Jim has done work for Aircraft, and this is another page which may come alive at some point. 

For each of these specialty areas Jim was able to provide photos for a gallery - further demonstrating his extensive body of work.

Rhys Moult, from the Polaris Centre also helped by creating a video for his 'About Jim' page - which has added a beautiful element to the site.(using x)

After launching his website, Jim also felt confident in launching his Facebook page - which he now uses to great effect.



Jim's Trim - Showcasing a Master Craftsman

This master craftsman can now showcase the beautiful work that he and his team do.
  • Great use of photography
  • Each area of expertise has its own page
  • Design look and feel to match Jim's retro & art deco aesthetics
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