Meet Dr Nicholette Hodyl

I met Nicholette when she was starting her new business - Vertex Health - as a specialist researcher, research strategist and content writer in the health industry.

She had extensive experience and education including a PhD, 15 years of working in health research and research strategy, and a speciality in writing. This would definitely make you think that providing content for her own website would be a breeze.

In truth, the writing part wasn’t that difficult for Nicolette. After all, is her core business. However writing for clients, versus yourself and your business is a different undertaking.  It can be hard to be objective, and sometimes we are too close to our own material, which is why having a strategic structure made all the difference.

Many people like Nicholette, provide many services, so the key was in finding the best way to present this information in order to connect with and engage her preferred clients.

Nicholette worked through the ‘Service and Segment Matrix Worksheet’, which identified both the services and the segments she would be working with. We then refined this using a rating system to identify the most enjoyable and profitable segments to work with.

The result – a very clear and targeted website which made it clear to anyone landing on her website what Nicholette did and how she could help.

Dr Nicholette Hodyl is now fully booked and her business continues to grow

Dr Nicholette Hodyl

Dr Nicholette Hodyl

Dr Nicholette Hodyl is booked solid, and her business is still growing!

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