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Facebook Page instead of a website - is it a good idea?

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 15 February 2015
Facebook Page instead of a website - is it a good idea? onlineiq blog

Facebook offers an incredible amount of value to the business owner.

It provides you with your own page, the ability to interact with customers and form groups - and its all for free.

So why not simply have a Facebook Page instead of a website?

People search for services and products on Google much more than they do on Facebook.

  • Facebook is great if you already know the exact name of a business you are looking for, however it is of no use if you are simply looking for a service in a particular area - most people actively looking for a product or a service ‘google’ it first. How many clients are you missing out on because they are looking for a service or product, but will never know you existst?
  • In addition, a good website has business functions included such as capturing details about your website visitors into your website’s database. When you capture your client's details you can continute to communicate with them.

Even if you have lots of Likes on Facebook, only a fraction of those people will get to see your Facebook posts

  • People who have 'liked' you will not necessarily see what you post; Facebook's post lifespan (timeline) is very short.
  • For example - if you have 500 Likes on your Facebook Page, that does not mean 500 people will see your post. Facebook only shows your post to a fraction of your 'Likers' newsfeeds, and even those people will only see your latest post if they check their facebook at a similar time to when you post, or remember to go directly to your page.

You have no control over what your new clients see

  • Your latest Facebook post may not be the information which a potential customer should see, whereas when someone visits your well designed website, your visitor's experience will be specifically designed for the brand new and existing customer - not a Facebook post which may not be relevant or compelling.

In conclusion ... once you are a real business, a Facebook Page is not enough. Without a website, you will be missing out on many potential customers, and the absolute control of your business' online presence and potential.

If you agree or disagree, or have a question feel free to make a comment below.

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