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What Should I Focus On To Get More Customers & Sales?

  • by Urszula Richards
  • 20 February 2018
What Should I Focus On To Get More Customers & Sales? onlineiq blog

If you have completed the onlineiq quiz, and received your results, you will have gained an understanding about the importance of doing things in the right order.

For example - there is no point pulling out all stops and spending money on website traffic, when your website is turning people off when they arrive. It is far more important to first make sure the site is perfectly ready for your visitors, so that the time and money you spend on getting people there is not wasted.

You may think that because you have a good looking website, this does not apply to you. Even brand new sites which have no strategy around their ‘guest's journey’ have people leave as quickly as they arrive. What a huge waste of time and energy.

And if your website has not been updated in a few years, let alone longer, it is unlikely to truly connect with your current intended audience.

Humans First

You’ve got to impress the humans!

Forget about SEO and Advertising if your website does not connect with real humans in the very first instance. Even if you get all the visitors & traffic in the world - if your message is not connecting with people, it is all for nothing.

Start With These Actions

  1. **Ensure your website is mobile friendly. If people can’t easily see or read your website with ease, they will move on to the next one. Find out from Google how to mobile friendly your website is. If you need figures to convince you - read this.
  2. Make sure someone who knows nothing about your business can tell within a few seconds what you do or sell. It's no good running this by family and friends. They already know. It is really hard to be objective about what we do, but embrace this sometimes harsh feedback. Better to know than not to know. A recent webinar by Megan Winter suggested that it should be 3 seconds in which someone can tell you what you do. Try it out with some perfect strangers!
  3. Make sure you have something which connects with visitors at every stage of the ‘buyers journey’. Someone who is ready to buy, has very different questions in their mind than someone who is only exploring their options. If this is something you need help with, feel free to get in touch.
  4. Make sure your website looks professional! There are so many stories of extremely competent businesses being overlooked because they did not present a professional enough image. Is it time for an image overhaul?
  5. Install Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel so you learn more about who is coming to your website and their actions, so your paid activities become more effective.


  1. Ensure you have strategic and functional workflows (often called funnels). It makes no sense to have a ‘join this mailing list’ box, if nothing  happens when someone signs up.
  2. Check that all your forms and online shopping carts are working. Things can change and stop working, so check your website regularly. You can join our monthly reminder list if you’d like a nudge, or simply put it in your calendar.
  3. Marketing workflows are not a one off event, so ensure enquiries and any interest is captured into your database, so you can set up more automations. There is so much you can now do to follow up on people who have had any form of contact with you online.

Increasing Traffic

(Google, SEO & Traffic with Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Other Paid Advertising)

Once the humans have been looked after, can now focus on this.

When you first have your site set up, certain ‘best practices’ should be implemented with things like keywords, and on page optimisation. But this only works if the right keywords are being targeted, and that you are responding to what the actual visitor analytics tell you.

So Here Are Some Next Actions

  1. Review your Analytics Data, and adjust your website content to suit. 
  2. **Keep improving your website so it scores highly in Google’s best practices (the higher you score, the higher you will show up in search results). Things like Page Load speed (test here), Secure Certificates , and as mentioned earlier, having a mobile responsive website.
  3. Pay for traffic once all your Humans and Workflows are taken care of.
    Some people still find it hard to believe that Facebook Advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting traffic. Talk to us if you want to know more about this.

The recommendations with a ** indicate that these are important to both humans and to google, so these are should be a top priority.

If you're wondering what the secure certificates are all about - you can read more here.

If you know what to focus on next - go forth and implement. If it has left you questioning or confused, feel free to book a call with me.

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