Your website is the most important online marketing tool you have.

It is relatively easy to get a beautiful template and create a professional looking website. However a beautiful website does not equate with an effective online presence.

We have developed a unique Holistic Online Strategy Model, which -

  • is designed from the beginning to attract clients/customers
  • is built on a platform which easily allows you to grow and extend functionality, so you plan big but start smart
  • creates a custom website blueprint so you can review and understand your website before it is designed and built, and
  • establishes the content which needs to be gathered and/or created before the design and building process is started

This process is designed to mitigate the problems we have seen small business owners struggle with in the process of having an online presence created.

A clear strategy & content plan will save you time, save you money and get you online faster. Here's how -

  • time - because both design and development will have a clear brief and plan which simply needs to be implemented
  • money - changes and modifications once design and development start will cost you extra (and almost always slow down a project). A clear plan beforehand removes the need for changes, or reduces the number of changes you make, as they have all been done during the blueprint stage.

Before the designer even starts, you will have both a custom online strategy plan, and a physical blueprint to review and adjust.