Create! is at the absolute essence and core of any effective marketing, advertising, converting intentions and actions you may want to take.

In fact because it is so crucial, it is often overwhelming.

The Create! program creates a systematic and panic free approach to this, from creating a Content Strategy, moving into a Content Plan right through to actually creating the content or having it created for you.

But what is content? And where to start?

If these are your questions, then this program is for you.

Most business owners are experts at what they do, or have expertise about the products or services they sell. That goes without saying (except that I have just said it :)

However, we often have trouble articulating this in a way which connects with our customers. We may be expert at talking to prospects once they connect with us and are already interested, but what about beforehand? How do we find and engage with these potential clients?

This program helps identify the main people you need to be attracting, and providing information and content - which may include - words, images, videos, infographics, downloadables, or even samples / experiences which will connect with them where ever they are in their customer journey.

If you're not sure what a Customer Journey is - then you will by the time you have finished with this program.

Price Guide: from $1000 + gst

What is included

This program starts with 4 sessions which are spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

It is a critical part of the program and one where people frequently get stuck, which is why this program was created.

Session 1

This session reviews the information from the Articulate program (or your completed Pre-Work - whichever is appropriate)

Diving deep into your segments, we focus on one and brainstorm their needs and pain points. We also map your solution to the results of this discovery session. This is key to creating appropriate content.

We also need to understand the online & offline behaviour of this primary segment.

Session 2

The Customer Journey is the focus of this session. It is a crucial component of creating the right content based on how far along the interest and decision making stage your prospects are in. Timing is everything when it comes to being relevant. Placement and search is everything when it comes to being found.

Session 3

Content Audit & completing a Creation Plan is the focus of this session. You may already have existing assets, or have some that need revamping.

Again this is all about being focused and going with a plan, or you can get absolutely distracted and take ages to complete what you need to get started. And getting started is what we are aiming for, as content creation is going to be an ongoing.

Session 4

This is a session where we sit down and actually create content - or a detailed content brief for a copywriter/videographer/graphic designer.

The aim is to understand the content creation process (ie. you will not create brilliant work on your first attempt - in most cases!), and how to create with your customer persona in mind.

You will get a worksheet which will help you work on exactly that - to keep you on track.

After Session 4, you get to book in as many individual Create! sessions (based on the Session 4 format) as you like as often as you need.