The 'Articulate' Program

If your Quiz result gave you the 'Articulate' or 'Create' result, this Program is perfect for you. (If you haven't done the quiz yet, head over to the home page and do it now)

For every 1 hour you invest in planning, you save 8 hours of development. That's a lot of time & money.

This program helps you both understand and prepare all the information you need to provide us or other web professionals with the detailed information needed to quoting on and then build your website. It is considered best practice to create both a navigation plan, and follow with a wireframe.

A good looking website is not necessarily a guarantee of a well performing website.

It also means that when you create your website requirements, your website brief includes all of the things which are essential from both a marketing, design and technical point of view.

Many business owners underestimate the time it takes to prepare the information and assets needed for an effective website. This can result in an attractive but ineffective online presence. 

You wouldn't consider building a home without a proper plan, so don't leave your business' most valuable asset open to vague interpretations or misunderstanding and design trends. It needs to work for your business.

Price Guide: from $800 + gst

What is included

This program has 4 sessions, which are spaced between 1 - 2 weeks apart.

Session 1

In-depth discovery of you, your business goals, your existing online presence (if any), your clients, your products and services, and your initial thoughts about what you would like in an online presence. We ask you to also complete the onlineiq quiz, so we can understand where your focus needs to be right now.

Session 2

You are presented with a site navigation map and a suggested plan for your online presence before the second meeting.

See example here.

You will also be presented with 'sample' sites to look at as ideas and comparisons, to help understand the types of things you do and don't like. You will also go away and take a look at other sites and fill out information about what you do and don't like.

This is discussed in detail in the weekly meeting, and becomes the basis of your content gathering and creation plan for your website.

Session 3

You receive an updated site navigation map which outlines the Phase 1 elements which need to be prepared or create.

You will receive information and resources to work through to help you

  • gather existing content or images
  • understand how to store and send content to your web developer, so it is ready for them (and easier when they quote on it)
  • work out what you need to have created - eg. photography, 

Session 4

Here we work on putting together a requirements document for you to use when getting quotes for the website to be developed.

We discuss things like website lead workflows (and other workflows if you are selling on the site, or have events etc).

We also discuss your likely ongoing training, support and maintenance requirements, to ensure that your developer provides you with this information at the same time.