Hi and welcome

The thing which I absolutely love about the online medium is its ability to make things happen.

Sell stuff. Showcase your business. Run your whole business. Create community. Engage with people across the world. Create and deliver training online.

It's up to you!

I understand the journey you need to undertake and am here to guide you through it.

You see - I'm not a designer, or a web developer - but a business owner.

I just need my website to work!

My superpower (I'm told) is in providing the link between business owners - and web professionals; designers, developers, copywriters, photographers, online marketers but also ensuring the business model, goals and strategy are informing all decisions. 

I am well placed to see first hand the needs and challenges people have with managing their online presence, and I love being in a position to help. 

Passionately community minded and education focused, I host of a global community of practice (BC Sandpile) which meet weekly (for 5 years now and going strong) to ensure I stay up to date and benefit from the knowledge of other web development professionals.

As a consultant and online business mentor for Eastside Business Enterprise Centre, I get to help business owners in very practical ways to make better online business decisions, and can circumvent much 'spinning of wheels' and time wasting simply due to lack of knowledge, or knowing who to trust.

My love of teaching, has led me to create onlineiq academy (currently in beta) - so business owners and entrepreneurs have an opportunity to learn and implement online business skills. This course will be launched 'proper' later this year.

While I love Adobe Business Catalyst's online website & marketing platform, my advice will always be based on what I feel is best for you after a holistic assessment of your business needs.  I regularly tell people they are not ready for a website yet, or to try a slightly different approach to what they are doing, rather than throwing away the baby with the bathwater - something people are tempted to do when they don't see results quickly enough.

Our services could be a perfect fit for you if you are a small but passionate entrepreneur/service provider and are looking to to 'get out there' into the online world, and would like someone you can talk to in plain English and come on the journey with you.