There are many things you probably didn’t realise you were signing up for when starting out.
(Just as well or you may not have started!)

Over the course of building your business, you will have been pleasantly surprised at some of the personal growth, new skills and activities which you have been involved in and thoroughly enjoyed - discovering interests and superpowers you never knew you had.

Equally, there are probably things … if you’re honest, which make you feel other things.

Uncomfortable. Bored. Frustrated. Worried. Incompetent.

Not fun things. Things which seem to go against your very nature!

If only you could get to the things that you love doing - back to the real reason you started being in business!

I wish I could say that you won't have to do things you don’t like, but of course thats not true. However I have found that if you sort out just three things, you will get far more time to do the things that you love and are great at - your business will come to serve you and others. These are the most effective things an solopreneur can do - because our time and resources are limited.

  1. Messaging. Spending time on getting your messaging right for your audience so they connect with it, is a fundamental. Everything else you do hinges on this.
  2. Use smart communication tools - so you can provide meaningful and targeted communications in order to maintain relationships and retain engaged people and clients and finally
  3. Craft your dream team - get the support of the right people in place, from your VA to the experts you need so you don’t go around in circles chasing your tail !

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