Hey, I'm excited that you've landed on this page.

I love love love love working in-depth with people. 

I recently asked a couple of my clients 'why do you work with me'?

They all seemed to say a variation of the same thing - that I truly care.
And I thought it was because I knew stuff :)


There are three primary ways I work with people directly (1:1).

Consultation / Strategy Session / Pick My Brain 

$250 + gst

If you’re stuck, need a second opinion, can’t see the forest for the trees or simply don’t know where to start / what to ask, then book a consult.
If you’re not sure if I can help, why not start with a free 30 minute power chat, and see what we can solve in that time 🙂

You can arrange a time right here.

Go on.

You know you want to!

The One Thing

from $1500 + gst

A focus on one important outcome ensures ’the thing’ gets done.
'The Thing' to work on is decided following a strategy session (check out some of the things I can help with here)
The One Thing timeframe is 90 days, and includes -
  • 3 hour discovery & planning session
  • Implementation plan
  • Resource, budget and task allocation
  • Training on demand/as required
  • Online support (email/slack)
  • Fortnightly 1/2 hour check-in (zoom)

We can start with a free 30 minute value experiment - we chat for 30 minutes and you can decide whether I have delivered value to you in that time. You can arrange a time right here - why not book it now!

The Insider 

If you wish you had an on-demand marketing manager inside your business, who is on top of your business goals, and invested in your outcomes, The Insider can take care of all your online tech and marketing.

For most small businesses, a full time marketing and technical person is over and above what they need or can afford.

However, not having this area managed for your business, can be a huge time and money drain, as you wrestle with making the best tech and tool choices, understanding how they all interact with each other and how to use the tools to create and deliver your marketing message.

Setting quarterly priorities and implementing them, we tick off the essential building blocks to create a powerful and effective online presence, and implement your marketing plan.

There is a limited number of Inside Jobs I can take on at any given time.

Not sure if we're a good fit?

Why not start with a free 30 minute value experiment - we chat for 30 minutes and you can decide whether I have delivered value to you in that time. You can arrange a time right here - do it now!

Here are some of the things I can help with ...

  • Custom building functionality into your website
  • Finding the best tools available to help you complete business tasks
  • Online systems and project management
  • Help create website brief to put out to tender
  • Creating website content and conversion plan
  • Marketing automation and engagement setup and planning
  • Planning and putting together an online course
  • Finding / training your VA or outsourced help
  • Marketing Content creation strategy
  • Content creation
  • Social Media Content Distribution Plan & Setup
  • Website conversion audit, recommendations and rectification plan
  • Testimonial and review planning & execution
  • Online Skills Audit and Assessment, and Training

No mullah? No worries

You can also take advantage of my free offering -

  • a free half hour consult offer (see how much value you can squeeze out of that :) and
  • a range of free resources if you're just starting out, or just want some tools to help you get to the next step (but a half hour chat could be even better!)

    A Little About My Approach

    I have worked with and taught hundreds of business owners to setup an online business presence.

    It has given me a great insight into where people become stuck.

    Right now there is so much information about what you could and should be doing, that without a steadying rudder rooted in a deep understanding of the key and unchanging principles rather than the trends, it is easy to be pulled in many directions, achieving very little.

    My work with clients is grounded in strategy, connection with your tribe, and retention through an ongoing relationship and a focus on exceptional service delivery. The tools and methods may change, but these principles remain the same.

    If you are ready to take on the journey of understanding and managing your online presence and activities, I'd love to be part of your journey to business success.